Thule hitch bike

Why choose a Thule hitch bike carrier?


Why choose a Thule hitch bike carrier?

Unlike other bike carrier models, notably roof bike carriers or those on tailgate, the installation of a hitch bike carrier requires no special intervention.

Obviously, your vehicle will need to be equipped with a coupling ball for fixing. That said, installing your bike rack is done in just a few minutes and loading / unloading your two wheels is as easy as possible.

When it comes to safety and maintenance, you can be sure that the Thule towbar bike carriers will be perfectly robust. Indeed, all the models offered by Thule have been subjected to rigorous tests in the laboratory and in the field, within the Thule Test Center.

With a Thule hitch bike rack, you can now take your little family or even your close friends for a walk or a hike since these models can carry up to 4 bikes in total. No matter what type of bike you want to take, Thule bike carriers can carry them all, including e-bikes or electric bikes.

How to choose your Thule bike carrier?

Bike carrier hitch on platform
If you are looking for a practical bike carrier that is easy to assemble and disassemble, the Thule platform hitch bike carrier is the model for you. On a platform, your bikes will not risk moving even if you have to take bumpy roads. This stability is explained by the fact that the bikes are held on 2 levels (the wheels and the frame).

Have you opted for a bike rack for 2 or 3 bikes but in the end, will you have to bring another additional bike? No problem! Thule takes care of all your unexpected. Note that by adding the Thule VeloSpace XT Bike Adapter, you will be able to adapt your Thule bike carrier according to your needs and transport up to 4 bikes in total.

As for its assembly, no other model has surely been so easy to install. The hitch bike carrier on platform offered by the Swedish brand has an adjustable clamping system. In this way, you will be really sure that your bicycle carrier can carry any type of bicycle on your car.

In addition, the wheel supports can accommodate larger bike models, including rims over 1300 mm, while the tightening straps can attach wheels up to 4.7 “. Also note that some models of bike carrier on Thule platform, such as the EasyFold XT 2, offers a tilting position function with a tilt pedal to give you access to the trunk of your vehicle more freely.

Bike carrier suspended hitch

With Thule suspended hitch bike carriers, you won’t have to set up any presets for installation. To fix your bike carrier on the hitch ball, you just need to make a few manual tightening strokes and voila! Since the creation of this brand in 1942, Thule has never neglected the quality of its products.

As for its bicycle carriers, Thule has a particular obligation to subject all these models to rigorous tests to ensure their reliability. Those who are more puzzled about the level of security of hanging bike carriers can still rely on the Thule Lock 957 lock.

The real peculiarity of Thule hanging bike carriers is that they are perfectly foldable, which greatly facilitates its handling but especially its storage. The Thule hanging bike carriers also have folding arms, allowing you to switch on the tilting function without a bike and gain more free access to your boot.

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