H&S mini maxx race tuner

H&S mini maxx race tuner


Installing A H&S Mini Maxx Tuner -Hard? -Easy? -How Long?

Most people that are serious about diesel horsepower and mileage gains know the H&S Mini Maxx is hands down the best diesel tuner available. So the question we keep running into is people want to know how hard it is to install. How long does it take to install the mini maxx?

H&S Performance has made adding 100 horsepower and increases MPG and very easy install. In fact installing your new mini maxx should take about 30 min and use no special tools.

Whats In The Box?






So the first step to installing the mini maxx is to locate where on the windshield you want to mount the unit and make sure you have enough HDMI cord to get to you OBD2 port. The HDMI cord (just like whats on your TV) actually plugs into a power box provided and then into your OBD2. The power box allows you to run a power wire to a HOT on KEY fuse so the mini maxx will turn off and on with your truck, or you can flip a switch and have it on all the time unless you power it down yourself.

We find that running a simple wire makes for a much better experience for this H&S diesel tuner. After you find where you want the H&S mounted, and you have decided weather or not to run your power wire all there is to do is make sure the memory SD card is in your unit and turn the key. The Mini Maxx will ask you very simple and very straight forward questions like pick your truck, tire size and so on.

Then it will download and save your stock tune. This is so your mini maxx can revert your truck back to stock whenever you want. After that you are ready to choose your tune. Most H&S Tuners come with Stock, Mild, Wild And Hott depending if you have a DPF or if you have deleted your DPF.

H&S Mini Maxx Tuner

More and more diesel trucks are being tuned with H and S tuners, but why? Is H&S the best diesel tuner? What is the difference between H&S and other diesel tuners? Is H&S Performance a better brand than other diesel programmer? With diesel tuning becoming more and more popular questions like this have to be answer. Consumers need to know what diesel tuner does what, whats the difference between a diesel programmer and a tuner, and what is a diesel chip? These questions we will answer in this blog.

The H&S Mini Maxx diesel tuner or diesel downloader has so much more to offer a diesel powered truck than other performance tuners. Horsepower gains that exceed into the hundreds is not the only factor that is leading more Power Stroke, Cummins and Duramax owners to buy the Mini Maxx instead of other devices being sold today. The H&S Programmers do not only improve horsepower, they dramatically improve towing performance by supplying trucks over 300 ft/lbs of torque. Improving torque for most trucks is more important than horsepower. Everyone and every tuner company always talk about diesel tuner horsepower and how much more performance gains in horsepower can be obtained by a certain diesel tuner or a specific diesel chip. Most trucks owners need a truck for towing,  working or hauling. That’s why the massive torque gains are so incredible fastening because no other diesel tuner provides the gains that the H&S Mini Maxx does.

The Mini Maxx has more to give than just horsepower and torque as well. H&S has designed the Mini Maxx to “shift on the fly”, this means while the truck is running or even going down the road the driver can adjust modes or switch tunes. Using a up and down arrow the Mini Maxx allows more horsepower to be obtained or the driver can tune it down on the highway to get better MPG.

Better MPG, YES! H&S legally can not disclose the increase in fuel economy because the Mini Maxx is for “Off Road Use Only.” So H&S Performance can not tell you, but we can. We install the H&S Mini Maxx and get Mini Maxx Reviews walking through the door daily. This diesel power tuner really does increase fuel mileage. On average we have found that consumers are getting about 5 MPG better after installing the H&S Mini Maxx.

Better Horsepower Gains With H&S Mini Maxx

Diesel trucks do get more power, more torque and more adjustable parameters than gas vehicles from aftermarket power programmers. The biggest question though is which diesel performance tuner should I buy? H&S Performance is a diesel programmer manufacturer that believes more is always better, horsepower that is.

The H&S Mini Maxx performance gains are the highest horsepower improvements in the industry compared to all other diesel power tuners, chips and programmers. Other diesel tuners do offer gains and even gas mileage increases, but not with the options or the amount of horsepower gains from H&S tuners. The H&S Mini Maxx is also one of the few tuners that allows the driver to change power levels while driving also known as shift on the fly. This feature is great to allow one to change from gas saving mode to a wild horsepower pumping setting. Most trucks come with 4 settings that the mini maxx can tune your diesel truck to.

H&S Performance is dedicated to the diesel market and the engineers and programmers know diesel. If your driving a diesel Tune it with the best, H&S Mini Maxx.

H&S Mini Maxx Tuner

Diesel tuning has so many more advantages than gas engine tuning. The H&S Mini Maxx Tuner for diesel trucks is a prime example of one of the reasons diesel owners get so much more horsepower gains. H&S has a specific word in mind when engineering and designing the Mini Maxx and that word is Power. Most guys are always comparing and looking for reason not to pay the extra money for H&S. The reason H&S Performance is so much more powerful and effective than most other diesel Tuners is because unlike other tuner brands H&S only tunes diesel and nothing else. They focus in and turn all attention to diesels, so you the customer gets the best tunes, more gas mileage, better towing and the most important big power gains.


Power increase is the main reason why people choose the Mini Maxx, but the towing and economy tunes provide additional reasons why more diesel trucks are tuned the H&S Mini Maxx.

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