how to clean a gas grill

How to Clean a Gas Grill?

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For clearer and simpler look, the recommended cleaning method will be divided into small steps. The following stages demonstrate the best way of cleaning whole best gas grills, from the grates to grill box and burners. Reading this may make you feel complex, but in fact, it is super easy. This method will make grill cleaning a breeze.

Preparing proper equipment is really important to make the cleaning become not only effective but also easy. The first thing that I want to mention here is gloves which will protect your hands during the cleaning process.

Step 1

Take all the grill’s elements out like the warming rack and grates after opening the lid. Then, move to other important parts like burners, aromatizers, burner covers, and so on which are found in the upper chamber. Next, approaching the other components of the grill chamber which are located below aforementioned ones.

The grill’s major chamber which is found at a lower place from the grates, tends to be dirty easily after such a long period of cooking. The cause of this consequence is the grease and tiny portions of food leave between the grates’ bars and assemble in the major chamber, building a really thick layer of leftovers.

Step 2

Give the bottom of the grill (cook box) a careful cleaning to remove all the residues. Using gloves for this step is highly recommended. The key to make this task easier is using a thin plastic spatula and a brush to brush all the dirt and stains off each side of the grill, since the thick layer of remains which are assembled and generated by the grease and food leftovers for a long time, make the cleaning become more and more difficult.

Step 3

Give the burners and burner covers a thorough cleaning. Remember that the burners are really easy to be dirty, smaller flames can be caused by a blocked burner’s pipe. Flames of different color are also considered as a result of an unclean burner, a clean burner produces blue flame, while the dirty one produces orange flame. This issue will negatively affect the grill’s performance. Blocked burners will lead to problems of achieving high temperatures and producing a much lower flame instead.

Although there are numerous pipes in your grill (the number of pipes is up to what type of grill you have), strive to give all of them a deep cleaning. I recommend you to use a steel or nylong brush to softly clean small holes in the pipes of the burners. Please note that those holes are prone to get blocked when you clean other holes, so you have to be careful. A wet sponge will help you for easier forming all the dirt into remains. After that, do not forget to thoroughly turn the burners’ pipes to a dry condition.

Step 4

In this step, your task is cleaning the burner covers. You can use a wet sponge to carefully clean and remove the dirt off the surfaces before drying them. Then, move to clean the tray found under the grill, again use a wet sponge to scrub it, and dry it with paper towel afterwards.

Step 5

Unlike best charcoal grill, or best flat top grill, once you ensure that the whole chamber of the grill and all important components inside the grill are deeply cleaned, this phase is ready to begin. Now, assemble all the clean and dried parts to make a completed grill as before cleaning.

Step 6

The next step is cleaning the grease and food leftovers. Setting the burner knobs to reach the highest degree, closing the lid and keeping this status for 10-15 minutes, which is the easiest way, will make the food leftovers and grease burned at a momentous temperature. Then, open the lid and do cleaning the grates by a metal brush.

Step 7

Cleaning the grates is a bit more complicated because the different types of grillgrates (steel, porcelain, cast iron, so on) require different methods of cleaning. For instance, you can’t use a steel brush for cleaning the porcelain or cast iron grates because it would lead to the consequence of deterioration. Thus, you need a softer brush like a nylon brush to avoid unexpected damage of the grates. If you want to learn more about this topic, about how to clean different kinds of grates, you need to go search for it which will show you various methods in details.

Step 8

Now move on to the last step of cleaning the side shelves and the lid. To wash the lid, you’d better use a paper towel and a cleaning agent (remember to use a specialized glass cleaner for porcelain covered lids and a stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel lids).  Using a micro fiber towel (or paper towels) and a stainless steel cleaner is a proper way of washing the side shelves.  

Step 9

Clean the side shelves and the lid. Wash the lid using a paper towel and a cleaning agent ( Use a special glass cleaner for porcelain covered lids and a stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel lids ). You can wash the side shelves using a micro fiber towel or paper towels and a stainless steel cleaner.


How to Clean a Gas Grill
How to Clean a Gas Grill

Those above steps from the best solution will surely make your grill cleaning process become easier, and faster in an effective way. Remember to follow all the stages to achieve a satisfaction of cleaning. To sum up, it is crucial to clean the grillgrates after finishing cooking or before preparing to cook the next meal. Especially, you have to ensure that all the other components of the grill like the burners, burner covers, aromatizers, and the whole grill chamber are given a thorough cleaning frequently 1-2 times per year (it is up to how often you use your best propane grill).

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