How to choose the right baby monitor?

How to choose the right baby monitor?

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It is difficult to assert your choice with all the models on the market. They all have advantages, but you have to take the one that suits you the most and also the most accessible before making a comparison. For this, certain criteria must be taken into account, in particular the type of monitor, the range, the autonomy, the functionalities which can influence your decision. According to your needs, adopt the ideal product through this buying guide for the best nest baby monitors. Take the time to read the tips for proper use of your device.

Type of monitor

Even if there is a wide range on the subject, you have to ask yourself the question: how to choose the best baby monitors? However, they can be categorized from two angles of approach. The analog baby monitor, an old model, uses radio waves and does not create the slightest electromagnetic radiation. Used only for listening, it unfortunately presents the risk of interference with other waves such as the neighbor’s monitor. Conversely, the digital baby monitor is a little more advanced and does not fear interference, and has a long range. Certainly, some can transmit videos, but this causes pulsed radiation and that is called harmful to the baby. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons!

The scope

Besides the type, it is important to know which baby monitor to choose according to its scope. Depending on the device, distance can be a deviating factor if you are used to getting out of the house. In this case, it is better to take the best baby monitor that has a large range of at least 330 meters for more insurance. On the other hand, if you often stay indoors, a model at 50 or 100 meters is more than enough; it all depends on the size of the house and the distance from the room of the newborn to the monitor.


If you’ve made up your mind, then where to buy the best baby monitor? Before that, also make sure to test the autonomy of the baby monitor. The devices last up to around 12 hours, but some can last a whole day without needing to recharge. This point should be remembered, because if the battery drops, you risk losing the transmission. The new models are equipped with the “eco” mode, this in order to minimize consumption while you little cabbage is snoozing. So, even if you are in a hurry to get the equipment, do not go directly to the price comparison.

Security measures

Arrangements to manage eventualities make a device efficient, and we know that you will use the price in your calculations. How to buy a baby monitor with better value for money? Without fixing on it, the sound quality of the device is a point to check to hear the changes in the behavior of the child. You can have devices without electromagnetic radiation on one side and those that guarantee zero interference on the other. To avoid panicking in the event of loss, some devices are equipped with a search function by emitting a beep.

All in 1

To compensate for the needs of parents, several additional features have been incorporated into most models on the market. The intercom function provides two-way audio transmission between mother and baby. In addition, accompanied by a lullaby and a mood light, the child will fall asleep more easily without much effort. Baby cameras are sometimes infrared to provide excellent night vision without scaring it. In extreme measures, manufacturers have put in some devices a very effective motion detector. And finally, for complete monitoring of the baby, a thermometer was installed with this technology. No, only the temperature of the child, but that of the whole room too is under control and is measured in a timely manner.

Our opinion on the best baby monitors

Our children are what we hold dearest and that is obvious, so much so that we are very strict when it comes to protecting them and ensuring their well-being. Children as they are, they are not aware of accidental accidents that can happen to them and they are not always careful. Fortunately, the new wireless technology “baby monitor” is emerging to provide you, the parents, the protection you want for your children.


This type is at the forefront of baby monitors. Without counting on the brand which is already exceptional and renowned in the world of electronics, this device excels in its roles. Thanks to him, parents and children are both reassured and benefit from the comfort that this product gives. The very wide thread it has allows total freedom of movement. The cable can cover a distance of 50 meters indoors and 330 meters outdoors, hence its total length. From now on, the concern of not being able to provide babysitting is resolved thanks to him.


Equipped with a high resolution camera and used on 2.4 G WiFi, it records all of the baby’s movements and everything that happens inside the room. It works via batteries and therefore from a wireless transmission. This system allows parents to directly view images or videos on their Smartphone. The camera, thanks to its 120 ° viewing angle, offers exceptional image quality that allows you to perceive every detail, gestures and details in the child’s room. And, not only is the camera made to monitor your child, but also it can be used as a surveillance camera for the whole house.
This camera is very practical, because it only requires a simple application download via your Smartphone and you would only have to connect to WiFi to be connected with it, it then performs its detector and security functions and supervisor.
Thanks to its integrated night vision, it records everything up to a long distance of 16 meters and lets nothing pass even when its memory is full.
Apart from its qualities already stated, it is also very efficient, because it is a smart camera. Thanks to its motion detector, it takes photos at each detection and sends them immediately to your smart, but also you will be alerted by email. However, the power of WIFI for this device is limited to 2.4 GHz, it does not yet have 5Ghz. And since it does not have a battery, it therefore requires to be charged on a power source.


YANX is a baby phone, but also a wireless digital monitor. This device allows you to be in direct contact with your child without having to go through interference problems. It provides an excellent image thanks to the incomparable quality of its resolution.
Your baby will not even feel your absence since when you are connected between you, you can rock your baby remotely as if you were there thanks to the broadcasting of the video on a high-performance 2.4 inch screen offered by YANX.
This device plays the role of a lullaby, while giving you the possibility of raising the temperature in your child’s room via other rooms in the house. With this device, you are not completely stuck, because you can be somewhere else at the same time as looking after the child.
Very complementary with parental life, this baby phone is an opportunity not to be missed for parents. It helps you night and day. For example at night you can throw him a piece of the lullaby, while lighting the pilot. Then in the morning you could easily set an alarm clock. However, this device requires a lot of caution when using it, you must absolutely avoid it falling, as it may well be regrettable.


The lollipop is a smart baby camera. As such, it offers parents the possibility of effective control over their child. So to answer the question, what is the best baby camera on the market? The answer could only be Lollipop. As a beginner, he helps young parents in the care of their precious baby, but also gives a helping hand to others who are forced to leave theirs for various reasons.
Especially since this technology is so practical, parents will have no trouble using it. It is the same for its price since it is not expensive. It makes a better deal on this point, because it is worth relatively less if one had to take into account its advantages or compare it with other monitors. Plus, there’s no need to pay extra monthly fees when you use it.
Among its functions, the exclusive device is a super cry detector and knows how to differ from simple sounds. For the image it gives, its quality is at the best price and you can view the video with clear clarity.


It is a video baby monitor that is among the best performing devices of the same kind. Its functions are well studied, which makes it suitable for users, that is, parents and babies. And there are none of its features that are useful or essential: detectors, night light, lullaby, temperature display, walkie-talkie, alarm clock. These functions are complementary and have been designed to ensure the well-being of the baby and to reassure the parents. What makes its great distinction is that it is equipped with a respiratory movement detector. This sends a signal in the event that the baby is in difficulty in breathing or if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds.

Wireless, it has a long cable 250 meters away. In addition, it is connected to a high-performance touch screen with DECT function allowing parents to visualize the movement of the little one.

Although this device is efficient and excels in its genre, its price quality variable is exceptional, endowed with the cheapest price, it offers all parents more security in the sitting of their loved one. Reassuring for parents, it also offers the baby a peaceful environment favorable to his growth. Nevertheless, the quality of the image for video is not at the top of perfection for this product and this last night in some way affects its reputation.

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