Electric Shaver Tips– Easy Guide to Using Electric Shavers

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With everything going at much faster pace these days, electric shavers have proved to be a breath of fresh air. An electric shaver is a convenient way to get close, smooth as well as quick shave in the morning before you head to your daily routine. Unlike manual razors, you do not have to lather up your shaving gel and shaving your facial hair precisely with care, making sure not to get the cuts and scrapes from razor blade.

If you have used an electric shaver, you are already aware that you don’t even need water to shave. They do not create a mess, do not cut your skin and easier to use. There are still a few things that you can do to make sure that you get a close and best shave with your electric shaver.

Types of shavers:

There are two main types of electric shavers – Foil Blade and Rotary Blade Shaver.

  • Foil shavers contain 1-4 rows of blades. Single foil shavers are great for someone with slow beard growth.
  • The rotary blade shavers have a series of rotary cutters attached. Typically three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern.
  • Double foil shavers offer two cutters, covered by two screens; and triple foil shavers have three cutters over three screens.

Before you begin to shave,

with an electric shaver, it is advised to soften the hair and the pores on your face for a smooth shave. You can opt to take a hot shower or wash your face with warm water, as the heat will open your pores and soften the hair. Doing that will help facial to be removed more easily and help you get a closer shave.

When you start shaving,

To give a closer shave, most of the electric shavers have pivoting heads. You need to control it so that you can get into those tight spaces. Rotate the razor in a circular motion as you shave, and move it quickly around. Press firmly on the shaver while you’re shaving, but not so hard that it hurts. Electric shavers have guards on them to protect against nicks. As you move up the face, pull or stretch your skin to expose more hair while you shave.

After you are done shaving,

finish with a splash of warm water. Pat dry. Apply a little moisturizer or non alcohol based aftershave to soothe the skin.

Cleaning and Maintaining

An electric shaver is important to make sure it lasts long. So, make sure to clean the blades regularly. Most of the electric shavers need to have their cutters and screens brushed out after every second or third shave. Use the small brush that comes with the shaver, and never brush the screen. Keep the cutter lubricated. Change the blades when needed. Foils and cutters generally need to be changed once a year.

It may take some time to get used to electric shaver. You may find that your electric shaver is not shaving the contours of your neck or certain facial hair are left behind unshaven, but as you learn the techniques on how to use an electric shaver, you will find yourself using your shaver more comfortably the next time.

Electric shavers aren’t for everyone. There, I said it. Fore sure, some guys (and women, too) are forever bonded to their manual razors. More power to them, so to speak. But for me and millions more an electric provides values that can’t be matched by a manual razor.

First, the negatives, just to be fair.

It’s certainly true that no electric, even today, gives you as close a shave as a good manual razor correctly used. For some with sensitive skin that’s actually a good thing, but there are times when nothing but a manual does the job you want.

It’s also true that some people just prefer the lighter, smaller grip and body of a manual. I hear you. But I just can’t go along with you here. It’s a personal decision, of course, but I like a certain amount of heft in my hand when I shave. To each his own.

And that’s really the key when it comes to electric shavers. If you prefer this style of shaving, you’re in luck because there are a few really good ones on the market. Here, “good” has a pretty broad meaning.

Closeness is one aspect. An electric shaver may not shave as close as a manual pressed hard, but today they get as close as many men and women will want. It often takes a few passes, for sure. It’s typical to have to go back and forth a few times. But electrics get it done and in not so much time at that.

Adjustability is another aspect of a good electric. It used to be that manual razors had a little mechanical dial at the bottom that let you adjust the shave to suit your face. No longer. Good electric shavers have that flexibility in depth today. Whatever your shape of your face, or skin type there’s a setting for that.

Still one more important value of an electric razor is durability. Certainly, a good manual razor’s blade will outlast those of the past. Remember how those interchangeable blades used to rust after one or two uses? Even later, when they got coatings to prevent that, they developed micro-pits along the edge pretty fast.

Today’s electric shavers last incredibly well. Not forever. Braun and Panasonic both recommend changing the blade/foil about every 18 months. Though, in truth, that number is typically far too conservative. But they stand up well and continue to give good shaves day after day for a very long time.

It helps if they’re kept in good condition and that’s where some of the better shaver models excel: the cleaning system.

They’ve been around a while now. Braun has had one for several years. But they’re better than ever. You place the shaver upside down into a combination charger/cleaning system, turn it on, and the thing is cleaned, disinfected, and dried all in one step. Some even lubricate automatically. All while it recharges. The whole operation typically takes less than an hour.

Technology in electric razors has advanced in all kinds of other ways as well. Extremely rapid motors have them vibrating at incredibly high speeds. Computer-designed hole patterns in the foil aid in getting a close shave everywhere. Chargers and cleaners shut off automatically and even track the last time they were used.

An electric shaver may not be for everyone. But for anyone who likes that style of shaving, today’s models are marvels of engineering.

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