If you are parents (or grandparents /uncles), who dream of seeing their child/grandchild or daughter/grandchild one day turn up the trophy of one of the other Grand slams and maybe hear them publicly. 

1) You have to pray that your little sportsman gets into tennis like you

2) If you want a champion, you have to start it early. 

We can make a thousand speeches about when it is right to start a sport for a child, we have seen that swimming is the most suitable for newborns, but if the parents and the children themselves show a preference for other sports, they tried it early!We become champions, it is true, but only if we start with very young children. And at the same time, for many sports, it is also true that champions are born, because, for many disciplines, particular physical skills required.

The critical thing is ignorable as Andre Agassi’s father. Sport is a game, so children like it, and they must play as long as possible. In any case, the decision to start a competition for a small child is always up to the parents. The issue for individual sports and for which the equipment is crucial is more complicated. In this our article, we make some guides to help you select best kids tennis racket easily.  

How to choose a tennis racket for children 

Tennis rackets junior, there are also many online, but if you have the opportunity to go to a specialist shop and take the child with you. Yes, because the indications generally based on age, but it is also true that not all children grow in the same way. Some are taller than average from a child, then they stop for a while, then resume to become big, others that seem to grow low, but then have a sudden development. In short, the choice of racket depends on age and height.

For children between 3 and 5 years, the recommended rackets are those of 19″, and a length is 48.3 cm. The indication is valid for children between 80 and 100 cm in height. The important thing is that a tennis racket is lightweight. Otherwise, it will not be able to hold it in hand for long, and it could suffer pains in the wrists. For your first racket, there is not much different from these numbers, regardless of height. However, if the child can try it, it is much better.

From the age of 6, you have to let the pediatrician tell you what kind of growth is that of your child. If it is lower, there is nothing wrong with giving it play again with the racket for children up to five years old, but if it is higher, you can also look for one that fits your older children.

In principle, the measurements are:

 – Children between six and eight years old, racket of 23 inches and long 58.42 cm

 – Children between eight and nine years old, racket of 25 inches and 63.50 cm long

 – Children between ten and eleven years old, racket of 26 inches or 66 cm long

 – Children between twelve and fourteen years old- Lite bats

When your child reaches until twelve years old, it depends on the development time of the boy/girl as well as some differences between males and females. Therefore, the length of the racket and the weight enlarged.

Males (with a body that now defined as an adult), it is advisable to stay on racquets weighing between 280 and 340 grams, while the females (and generally girls aged 12-13 are physically adults by now), the weight must be between 260 and 300 grams. Last but not least, we hope you can understand which is the perfect tennis racket, of course, the solution is only one: try it!     

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