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Best hospital grade pumps on the market in 2019

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In recent years, thanks to technology’s development, women’s life has been becoming easier and more comfortable, especially mothers who just have taken this sacred position. With them, feeding their baby is not a fear anymore. The appearance of manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps and currently, hospital grade breast pumps helps moms supplying breast milk to their infant faster and more effectively. In this topic, we would like to give you definition of the latest one’s conception, and then introduce the best hospital grade breast pumps in the market to modern moms.

At first, hospital grade breast pump is a kind of pump designed for multiple users as long as they have their own personal accessory set. Having a higher level of suction and more efficient pumping than other pumps, preventing cross contamination and being secured by a 3 to 5 year maker’s guarantee are advantages when using hospital grade pumps.

Here are top 3 best hospital grade pumps on the market in 2019

No.1 Medela Freestyle

If you are busy mothers with a crazy working timetable but still want to feed your baby well, Medela Freestyle is enough for what you are looking for. Just more than 5 pounds, it is easy for moms to taking out their house. An enlightened digital display, with a timer and a memory button and ability of sorting out mother’s pumping sessions are their strength that users can take into account. In addition, strong battery which can last an entire two days of many pumps each day is another its advantage. Last but not least, users cannot skip hands-free mode and quiet of this product, especially when you are working.

Rating: 4.7/5

No.2 Spectra Baby USA S2

For moms who want to own a double-electric breast pump with a sophisticated design and an addition of functions like night light or timer, Spectra Baby S2 will be the best option for you. Same to other hospital grade breast pumps, it has a closed system to make sure cleanliness and engine execution. Its tubing is always kept dry by counteracting wind stream between the continuous milk and pump tubing while pumping. Consequently, users do not have to clean the thin tubing. The power of suction is up to 250mmHg for both single and double pump. The important thing is its reasonable price. Compared with other same type of breast pumps with the similar highlights and productivity, the Spectra S2 is a very economical purchase for those on a more tightly expenditure plan.

Rating: 4.0/5

No.3 Ameda Elite

Durability and portability are features when describing Ameda Elite electric breast pump. It has a perfect performance and quality that separated suction and cycle dials to help mothers finding the suitable settings for them. Furthermore, the Elite is convenient to bring to everywhere thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Working silently, it is nice while using in the office. Besides, moms can adjust suction speed from 30 to 60 CPM that is favorable for those who prefer minimal suction.

Ameda Elite is utilized by diverse maternity hospitals, drug stores, birthing and lactation centers so you can trust on its durability and effectiveness.

Rating   4.1/ 5.0

In conclusion, there are many types of breast pumps on the market: manual pumps, electric pumps and also the newest and the most convenient pump which called hospital grade pumps. This will make users being confused a lot when choosing one. With our above recommendations, intelligent moms can select the good one to feed well your little angel.

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