How to selecting Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner


How to selecting Best Dolphin Pool Cleaner

After receiving support calls over the years, we’ve put together a checklist of things to consider to determine the best Dolphin pool cleaner for you to use. Each dolphin is identified according to one of 6 categories:

1. Performance Above-Ground

Easy to use; Designed for optimal cleaning performance for all above ground swimming pools.

2. Performance In-Ground

Affordable with key Dolphin features designed for optimum cleaning performance in modest underground swimming pools.

3. Advanced

Next generation technology with dual scrub brush and wall coverage, designed for optimum cleaning performance of any pool size.

4. Deluxe

Includes our best selling Dolphin robots with smart technology and coverage. Intuitive convenience at your fingertips with Bluetooth access for remote control from your smartphone.

5. Premium

Top cleaning performance with set and forget it’s automated. Designed for all swimming pools. Our smartest feature-rich line of Dolphin pool cleaning robots.

6. Commercial

From small public pools to the largest, professional, and Olympic-sized swimming pools, Dolphin is the perfect choice for pool cleaning.

Pool type

The type of pool you have (on the ground or on the ground) will dictate the different models you can choose from. Some Dolphin models are specifically designed for use in smaller terrestrial pools where a minimum amount of robot features is required – you drop it into the pool and remove it after the pool cleaner Robot swimming completes its cycle. However, for pools with irregular shapes, more features are usually required, and you should opt for higher-end equipment as they have better maneuverability around the pool’s shape.

Pool size

Pool size is a factor in choosing a pool cleaner because the larger the pool, the more surface area of ​​that device needs to cover, so you want to choose equipment with long cycle times. (ideally the unit has multiple cycles so you can control the amount of time the unit spends on cleaning).

Surface cleaning robot

While all Dolphin pool robots can mop floors, some models can also clean walls, and higher-end models can even scrub water lines. Do you have algae at the tip of the waterline and you have to periodically scrub to keep your pool clean? If this is the case, choose a unit that specializes in water line scrubbing to minimize your pool maintenance.

Robot feature

After you’ve narrowed your options down based on your pool type, pool size, and the cleaning surface you want to cover, you are left with a few options. In some cases (like choosing between S50 and Active 10), the only difference may be the frame or color of the robot. Choose the color you like and make a purchase. In other cases, you can use our Product Compare tool to highlight the differences between the selected models. The comparison tool will show you what features are available on a particular model.

Although over the years, Dolphin pool cleaners have offered various features on their pool robots, there are a few features that people are generally interested in:

Fast cleaning mode – pool party for an hour? Quick clean mode will only clean the floor for models capable of cleaning walls and water lines.

Remote control – this feature allows you to use the remote to control the unit to a precise location for on-site cleaning, for example, if there are leaves or debris in a specific area in the your swimming pool. While some models use the physical remote supplied with the device, newer models use Bluetooth technology to let you use a smartphone (iPhone or Android) as something. remote control.

Bluetooth app – A Bluetooth app available for your smartphone that can be used to set up and remotely control the operation of your robot pool cleaner.

Weekly timer – this feature allows the robot to operate for a specified time up to a week in advance. This feature comes in handy when you go on vacation for a week and you want the cleaner to still clean the pool while you’re away. Although the manufacturer does not recommend pool cleaners to stay in the pool for 365 days a year, this device can stay in the pool for a period of time without worry.

Delayed start-up – this feature allows the unit to start up after a set amount of time, allowing any dirt to settle on the floor before the cleaning cycle begins.

Advanced cleaning cycles – while many models have a cleaning cycle in which the robot will stop after completing a cleaning cycle, some units have an advanced cleaning cycle of which you can only how much time you want the robot to spend cleaning.

Filter full indicator – this feature provides an indication that the robot’s filter is full of dirt and needs to be cleaned in order to begin another cleaning cycle.

Swivel cable – Swivel cable, a patented feature of Dolphins, keeps the cable from getting tangled up while using the pool.

Do you still have questions? Call us or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you right back – that’s our commitment to the customer.

So now the only thing left is to choose the detergent that meets your needs. To help you out, we have developed two main features on our website:

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