The smoker is a variation of the grill that recently integrated into barbecues. These elements cook the meat inside a closed container, which uses smokecreated at an average temperature. The heat of that smoke generates the cooking of food, while the other components of it give it a unique flavor.

As for the grills, there is a large number of barbecue smokers on the market. You can find those that work with coal, gas, or electricity and the classic brick ovens. They are operating with the fundamental objective: to produce heat capable of simmering the meat, while permeating delicious aromas.

How do smokers work?

The design of most smokers consists of a large metal cylinder that maintains the contact of the meat directly on the smoke produced by the coals. The meats spread on the grill or placed on top of a rotisserie grill. Currently, numerous designs created that are capable of controlling heat as well as they use various shock absorbers such as a water tankcapable of cooling the smoke when it is too dense. Next, the water absorbs smoke and at the same time, releases some steam, so the swirls of smoke rise through the convection chamber and then come in contact with the meat again.

It can be said that a typical barbecue that has a grill and lid fulfills. However, the smoker’s appearance specially designed for the meat cooked and using only the smoke emitted by the coals. The smoke can change the smell and tasteof the meat cooked because you can obtain a unique flavor for each meat by using different types of wood and coal. Therefore, the American walnut, cherry, mesquite, and Alder are the best options used by experts.

Initial preparation of smokers 

Unlike cooking in a standard barbecue, a series of steps followed before exposing the meat to its heat. Preparing the smoker takes a lot of time when you want to get a distinctive flavor, which achieved by using the right wood or coal. After obtaining the right temperature, it can take a long time to cook the meat. Thus, it is not advisable to turn on the smoker just one hour from dinner.

On the market, you can find smokers made of metal and cast iron attached to the barbecue, but there are also special bricksmokers that work perfectly. The brick used for the construction of a smoker is mud or concrete blocks. Therefore, this surface will not modify the flavor of the meat. On the other hand, if it allows the cooking process to be faster, it has a great ability to trap high smoke temperatures.

Some typical kinds of smoker grills

On the market, there are a variety of smoker grills. From that, we will clarify primary types of smoker grills as well as their typical characteristics. 

As usual, barbecue smokers split into six types such as:

• Pellet Smoker Grill

• Offset Smokers

• Electric Smoker Grill

• Gas Smoker Grill

• Charcoal Smoker Grill

• Kamado Grill

Most of them are working on fuel type and other factors. For instance, if you are interested in electric products that have not been broken down, you should pay a visit to electric smoker grill stores.

Last but not least, if you do still not select which kind of smoker grills that best for you or you are newbie, I recommend you to visit:, they have a great article about best smokers for beginners.

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